Commercial Marketing Senior Roles

Leisure is a serious business. The industry rakes in hundreds of billions of pounds every year. People are eager to forget their worries and have a good time in response to stress. They go to resorts, stay in hotels, play in casinos, and so on during their free time. The competition has also heated up as more players enter the industry to get a slice of the sumptuous pie. Every company is looking for the best talent they can find to fill key positions and ensure the success of their ventures. The following are just some of the most important jobs in the hotel business: 

Chief Operating Officer

This top executive position is reserved for someone who has an eye for detail and juggle multiple tasks all at once. COOs must constantly have an ear on the ground for the latest news, as well as eyes all over the company's properties to make sure that everyday operations are proceeding smoothly. He will have to evaluate the hotel's performance regularly through key parameters and find ways to reduce operational costs. The organisational structure and executive duties will also be monitored by the COO, including marketing director jobs. A broad range of business experiences will definitely help.

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Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is considered as the leader of the enterprise. It is his vision that moves the company forward. Although the most important matters are decided by a board of directors, the CEO has an enormous influence on the outcome of votes. He is also in-charge of making long-term plans come true. His signature is required in many of the high-level contracts that the company is entered into. Oftentimes, he will have to negotiate with his counterparts to solidify important partnerships. He must constantly communicate with other executives and managers, seeing to it that everyone is on the same page.

Senior Vice President of Hotel Development

Hotels must continually improve their properties and look for expansion opportunities. A senior VP is usually tapped to focus on these tasks. He will need to keep up with the recent trends and make sure that the chain does not lag behind competitors. Indeed, the hotel should ideally be ahead of the curve. The negotiation of property acquisitions, new developments, and ongoing renovations are among his biggest duties. Many of these VPs have architecture or urban planning degrees due to the technical nature of the job.